File:The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers - Frodo threatens Gollum

Gollum was once a hobbit but the one ring corrupted his ways...

what is GolumEdit

Gollum was once a hobbit but when he claimed the one ring, it changed his ways. He became darker and darker and then just fell into darknes with the one ring.

Gollum and the one ringEdit

Gollum the creature prefers to call the one ring 'my precious', he is corrupted by the ring and he follows it everywhere it goes after Bilbo took the ring he went crazy and tried to find it but in doing so he became prisoned in Barad-Dur the dungeon of Sauron (the tower) once he is prisoned there he is tortured until he tells the orcs who had the ring and he spoke the words 'shire baggins' which lead them to Frodo Bilbo and the ring.  He then gets out and follows the fellowship until Frodo and Sam are on their own so he then decides that he will follow in their direction to claim the one ring for his own power and making Frodo his 'master'.  Sam hated Gollum but Frodo strangely liked him and called him his proper name Smeagul, but he soon changes when he is in Minas Morgul and Gollum tries to kill him with the spider that is there. Gollum is a very dangerous creature as he will do anything to get the ring for himself (like the Nazgul).