File:The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King (2003) - Legolas Slays the Oliphaunt

Legolas is a fine elve of the woodland glade.

Legolas and the elvesEdit

Legolas is a well known elve from the lord of the rings.  He is a fair fine elve of the woodland glade and has surprisingly a lot of respect for dwarves considering past circumstances.

Legolas and The FellowshipEdit

Legolas plays a large part in the fellowship as he is a very wise elve and knows exactly what he is doing.  Legolas has a strange friendly relationship with a dwarve named Gimli, as elves and dwarves are known not to get along well in the past this is a very strange friendship that blossoms throughout the series.  Legolas is the only elve in the fellowship and bonds very well with the beings that are in the fellowship and helps them a lot.  Legolas is the son of Thranduil (the king of the realm of mirkwood in the hobbit) so that makes him a very, very important man and is treated with the most up due respect.  Legolas and Aragorn have a close relationship as they can both speek elvish and understand eachother so they can speak things that none of the other fellowship can understand.  Aragorn was brought up with elves and lives for an extreme amount of time due to him being one of the dunadien.