LOTR Extended Edition - Ent Water

LOTR Extended Edition - Ent Water

this shows merry and pippin fighting over who is taller they are often seen as comedic characters.


Merry grinning

Meriadoc is also known as Merry, is a member of the fellowship.

Merry and FrodoEdit

Merry and Frodo appear related but are also very close friends he was the one who showed Frodo in the right direction towards the prancing pony where he had to go to seek Gandalf so clearly Merry is a very intelligent character.

Merry and PippinEdit

Merry and Pippin are best friends and they do not go anywhere without eachother.  Merry is extreamly close with Pippin and they are both devostated when they find out that they must be seporated because of Pippins stupidity when this happens they swear that they will find eachother and meet again after the war of the ring.  Of course you can guess that Merry finds Pippin and Pippin finds Merry.  They traveled through the whole of the journey and then they are parted but that still does not stop them from meeting up with one and other.  Merry is named Merry the magnificent after the war and remained close friends with Pippin Frodo and Sam.  Merry is a very faithful friend and continued to do so with a lot of courage i would describe him as a vey respectable young hobbit and deserves a lot for what he did.