Lord of the Rings- Rohan helping Gondor on The Return of the King big battle

Lord of the Rings- Rohan helping Gondor on The Return of the King big battle

this is showing rohan helping gondor reclaim the city of Minas Tirith

Minas Tirith (1)

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where is Minas TirithEdit

Minas Tirith is the city of the king and is placed in the realm of Gondor.

Minas Tirith and the kingsEdit

Minas Tirith is the well known place where the king of Gondor will sit.  As Gondor is seen as the most successful realm it is known that very important kings rule this realm.  Isildur was one of the founders of Minas Tirith  and he also founded Osgiliath a city just south of Minas Tirith, Minas Morgul however is east of Minas Tirith and is the sister of Minas Tirith but it holds evil sourcery and is home of the witch king of angmar.  Minas Tirith was before named Minas Arnor and also is the capital of Gondor it was Osgiliath but they changed it because Osgiliath was taken and had to relocate so they took place in Minas Tirith.  The city was ruled by the stweard of Gondor but then he is overthrown by the rightful king Aragorn.  The White Tree Of Gondor only blossoms when a king is there and when not there it does not blossom at all and Pippin saw a vision of the white tree and told Gandalf and that is how they kenw that the dark forces of Mordor would attack against the great city.  Also with Minas Morgul being the cities sister it was a lot easier for the orcs to march all the way to the city so they did face  a great threat,  but they stood their ground against the evil forces and was made a kingdom once more, and also the city of Osgiliath was reclaimed by Gondor so they were safe and secure with no cities taken in the realm of Gondor.