Wood Elves

Wood Elves

Frodo and Sam see the Wood Elves

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The elves ar magical beings that have been around for ages.

What are elvesEdit

Elves are creatures that live all around Middle-Earth.  One of the well known elves is Eleond who rules in Rivendell with his daughter Arwen. 


Elrond is one of the most powerful elves of all time.  He lives in Rivendell with his daughter Arwen, he faught in the war that defeated Sauron in human form but he came back alive to become the eye of Sauron. When he did this Elrond knew exactly what to do because of his past encounters with the dark lord.  He gathes men, dwarves, wizards, elves and hobbits to discuss who will take the one ring to Mount Doom. He picks Frodo (well Frodo volunteers) and sends him off to Mount Doom with other companions (Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Pippin, Merry, Boromir and Sam) when he does this they all did what he said and took the one ring to be destroyed after Elronds advice Frodo threw the one ring into the Mountain and it melted along with Smeagul.