Thorin arrives - The hobbit

Thorin arrives - The hobbit

Thorin arrives


thorin oakenshield

Thorin Oakenshield is the king of the dwarves

Thorins pastEdit

Thorin Oakenshield is a dwarve that came from the lonely mountain which was taken over by the evil dragon Smaug he pledged he would reclaim the lonely mountain. And he does so. 

Thorin and Bilbo and the DwarvesEdit

Thorin was the dwarve king and was very powerfu until the dragon Smaug kicked him out of his mountain along with is father.  So Thorin went to get help from some dwarves to reclaim his mountain and all of his gold.  He finds thirteen dwarves to help him and also seeks help from Bilbo and Gandalf.  He ends up defeating the dragon Smaug and claiming the mountain for him and the other dwarves that wish to return back to the place that they came from.  Thorin also had a sinister relationship with the pale orc who killed jis father after they tried to reclaim the mountains of Moria.  The pale orc took his fathers life and then Thorin in a rage took off his arm and the pale orc vanished into the halls of Moria along with the other orcs and Goblins.