well i would highly recommend reading the books as well as if you have watched the movies because the books give a lot of description.  So if you have not read The Hobbit or The Lord Of The Rings or even The Silmarillion, give it a try you might find that you like them better than the movies, im not trying to put books down peoples throats im just giving my own personal reccomendations to do with the lord of the rings.  In fact any JRR Tolkien type of book is a recommendation of mine as i do happen to love his writing and world.

Anything you wish for people to view please make a page informing them about the thing you wish them to acknowladge.  Anything can be placed on here, you never know you could inspire someone by placing something new or different.  Even if it is just a character give it a shot please this website is for editing and you deserve all of your own views on certain things.  So please voice your views.

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